4 Great Reasons to Buy Property in Roatan

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4 Great Reasons to Buy Property in Roatan

Are you wondering if relocating to a Caribbean Island is your next move? Let us give you 4 reasons o buy property in Roatan, here is why you should consider purchasing your dream property in our island. A small land full of wonder, nature, blissful beaches and characteristic sunsets…

  1. Real Estate property in Roatan is much more affordable in comparison to other Caribbean Islands. You can choose to purchase a home or buy land and build the home of your dreams on the beachfront; you can invest in a condo or commercial real estate and also make a return, the possibilities are endless. You can own up to 0.74 of an acre property in your name and also own unlimited property through corporations.
  2. Roatan is a retirement friendly Island being very welcoming to expats. This warm Island has many expat communities with people from all over the world who choose to retire and spend the rest of their lives here. It’s a good life!!
  3. Low cost of living and ownership. Daily living expenses are of low cost, utilities affordable, and property ownership dues such as property taxes are only a portion of what you would pay in other Caribbean Islands and even the U.S. or Canada.
  4. Roatan has outstanding natural beauty, crystal clear water beaches, turquoise water, mountains of lush tropical forests, and the second largest reef barrier in the world making a great diving and snorkeling experience, outdoor living and activities here are great. Our Island has warm and kind people, rich culture, and is full of history.

Need we say more? Contact us for any questions you may have about relocating to Roatan. Our experienced realtors will provide you with honest, reliable, and updated information about the market, finance, and everyday life on the Island!

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