Birthday Girl and Class Reunion on Roatan!

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Recently one of my best friends turned 50. She’s the type of friend you want for life. Her spirit has always been like the sunrise. Full of energy.

I met her in college back in the 90’s and our friendship has grown even though we live in separate countries. So, this year, she planned a pre-birthday party and a class reunion with other college friends.

They visited Roatan in October and it was the best time I have had in a very long time. We laughed and talked about our past life and what we are doing now. I can say our aches are like of the elderly at times.

We are no longer spring chickens. However, it was perfect timing to visit the island, got to sightsee the east side, and enjoy the island food. We visited Punta Gorda, stopped at a local restaurant and had fish and other seafood dishes.

My friends enjoyed West Bay beach and West End shops. At the end of the day the pool was the best remedy. Laughing and enjoying the view is what most of them did, as I played photographer, embracing and capturing their laughter.

That’s what friendship is all about. Living, Laughing and Loving. Island Life and friend reunion.

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