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Roatan, the west side offers so many options for locals and tourists. The island is filled with diversity. I guess it’s a blessing for us. Recently friends of mine were visiting and we got to spend time together.

It was nice that I was able to capture this moment as two of them were swimming in the pool. It was such a beautiful day as they gaze towards the Caribbean Sea.

I thought to myself, so this is what it feels like to take a day off? I’m grateful they were here and we got to spend quality time together. As an adult life has been hectic or say nonstop.

I know that we were not created to be running like an energizer bunny, but even on island I feel this way. However, Roatan can be a remarkable place for islanders and retirees or even those just visiting for a short time. Especially when we take time to breathe, like this particular day.

Most people go island hopping from one island to another embracing the nice calm ocean. Like the picture depicts. As for us living here, we still have a long road in improving our things here. We welcome you to consider Roatan on your next vacation away from home.

Maybe you will enjoy the simplicity of what we offer.

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