Discovering The East Side of Roatan!

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Discovering The East Side of Roatan!

They say pictures speak for themselves. That’s very true as I go through thousands of photos, I have taken these last few months of properties I have visited and listed on Roatan, in the East Side of Roatan.

When I look at this one in particular, it is so calming to the soul. Makes me want to drop everything and surround myself with the beauty of nature and the sea that is right in front of the blue chairs.

It can be a postcard photo, but do people actually still buy postcards? Not sure. Life has continued for most of us coping with the pandemic, but if you ever visited here or live here, it seems like 2020 was just a bad nightmare.

Children are playing and people are living one day at a time. Isn’t that all we ask for? To be with family and friends that make you happy, but those who challenge us makes us strong. That’s an experience island life gives us. We don’t have everything first hand, but we have learned throughout decades to survive.

This picture of the beach chairs, boat and dock remind me that at the end of the day, our spirit should be calm like the sea. Roatan, Bay islands is home for many of us and I hope it can be home for you as well.

Discover the east side of the island, the abundance of beauty it offers is very different from the west side of the island. The further east you go, the more you are reminded that the simplest things in life are what makes you happy.

Here you can read more about Roatan… And more about the East Side of Roatan island you can read it in this page of Tripadvisor

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