Flying into Roatan!

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There is a saying: there is no place like home. That’s the honest truth. I left the island for the holidays in December to join my son, friends, and family in Florida. Who I hadn’t seen in a year. I got off the island for a few weeks and I enjoyed spending quality time with those I got to visit. I had a few good laughs, ate and slept like Simbo, our family cat.

Travel experience was somewhat interesting during my exit and return. However, it went pretty well. Seeing Roatan Island through my window seat, gave me a little tingle in my stomach. It was home and back to reality. Landing was smooth and the island was as green as can be. My mom said to me that it rained a lot while I was away.

From the air I could see that the reefs had beautiful turquoise colors, like a water painting. Nature shines at its best. I know it has to do with the little tourism the island has had since the pandemic, but it’s good to know that Roatan has reopened for business and people are taking precautions. I was happy to see vacationers arriving on my flight. Hearing them talk about Roatan brought joy to my ears. You see no one knows how simple island living is until they set foot on Roatan, Utila or Guanaja.

The islanders and expats meet you, g and welcome you to the island. They are very open on giving tips on where to go and where to eat. This can happen during the line as you wait for the immigration officer to call you. This is home and always will be for many of us. It’s not a big island or a first world island, but that’s what sets us apart. Bring your family and come see us soon!

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