Growing up in a Fisherman’s Community of Roatan!

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I’d like to share a short synopsis of my experience growing up in the community of French Harbour. See my background is that I’m a Fisherman’s daughter. My dad was an entrepreneur, and he had several fishing fleets. This was before Roatan became famous for tourism and diving.

As a teenager I remember us getting together to watch the fishing fleet leave the Harbour when the fishing boat season opened. It was a big deal if you grew up in French Harbour or the other communities that had these vessels. We would wave goodbye to the captain’s and their crew as each one sailed by the Harbour Channel.

Gio’s Restaurant in French Harbour was one of our gathering places. The excitement to see so many of these vessels leave for such a long period was overwhelming at times. The reason these captains and crew left their loved ones behind for many months. So life for a fisherman’s family wasn’t always easy, but my parents made the best of it.

If you are around French Harbour you should stop by and visit Gio’s Restaurant, and view the many photos on the wall of so many island men who helped build Roatan to what it’s today. Learn our history and be part of our island community. We welcome you!

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