Happy Labor Day weekend to my USA friends from Roatan!

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Happy Labor Day weekend to my USA friends from Roatan! And happy weekend to others around the world Who is still keeping safe during these challenging times.

Finally this week after almost 6 months of not heading to West Bay Beach. I took a leap of faith and  drove to one of the best beaches on Roatan, Island. It’s called West Bay Beach. It’s nice to witness that Mother Nature always wins The Ocean is Pristine. And yes our Island has reopened slowly, but the Resorts are very cautious and making sure they’re using the biosecurity measures our government has put in place to keep family, friends and visiting guests safe.

Because of that, I was able to catch up with some work by taking photos of a condo I have listed at this one resort. And I liked the protocols this resort has taken into consideration. It made me feel good as I was doing a photoshoot of one of my listings. And talking and listening to the employee’s side of everything they are doing to keep their guest safe.

If Roatan is on your bucket list of places to discover, then do add Mayan Princess Resort to it. Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

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