Have the thought crossed your mind? Buying property on Roatan

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Don’t make an emotional decision when buying real estate. Buying property on Roatan, a Caribbean Island that makes you feel at home.

Keep in mind that on the island of Roatan you are a name and not just a number. Do you notice in major cities people can bump into you and it’s like you are non existent? This is not the case for my home town. We have so much to offer to first time buyers and those returning visitors that call Roatan home.

Investing overseas isn’t such a bad idea if you are open minded and willing to change for a stress free lifestyle. It doesn’t have what  first world countries offer, but that’s what makes the island unique.

The majority of first timers are amazed by the lush trees, diving or snorkeling in the second largest barrier reef in the world and let’s not forget the humbleness the islanders show towards incoming visitors.

There are not too many Caribbean Islands that you feel automatically at home upon arrival, like how you first timers say they feel when they walk out of immigration and customs and are greeted with smiles by those who await their arrival at Roatan’s International Airport. Kindness is free and so is compassion and that’s what we offer here.

The Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila and Guanaja) have so much to offer visitors. Are you into scuba diving, kite surfing? Or simply looking to volunteer. Again, ask yourself where have you found such a thing? As you sit and search the websites for destinations and if Roatan, Bay Islands pops up on your laptop, Android phone, iPhone or tablet, then that’s a positive sign and a choice if you decide to make it.

Hoping 2021 will be a year where you can explore and travel to a different country and feel like you are at home. Make memories and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

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