Exploring Roatan in a water taxi!


Exploring Roatan in a water taxi!

Many people travel to Roatan every year to explore the island, but many don’t really experience life on the east side of Roatan in a water taxi. The reason is because most guests tend to read about West Bay beach or West End, and usually stay in an all-inclusive resort or maybe the visitors don’t have a rental car.

Nothing is wrong with that. However, if you really want to see the island and meet the people, then do consider renting a car or getting a tour guide to drive you to Oak Ridge to see the south east side of the island. There you will find many water taxis docked, and waiting for passengers to take them to the mangrove tour or just touring them around Oak Ridge, Fidler’s Bight and Calabash Bight.

The good thing about this area of Roatan, is that the water taxi doesn’t have to go outside the harbour. Everything is inside the harbour. Taking this tour allows you to stop by Trico’s Bar and Restaurant or Hole in the Wall which both are located in Jonesville, but it’s much easier to get there in a water taxi.

I met Samuel, the taxi captain in the photo a few weeks ago when I needed a water taxi to take me to a boat access only listing I had in Oak Ridge Cay. He’s from the area, and he loves to take people around his community and explain the areas to them. He is a great tour guide and full of knowledge. He was very helpful to me.

As an islander and realtor, I too enjoy getting to sightsee the east side and knowing the area better. So if you are staying here for a week or two, then add the mangrove tour to your to do list.

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