Roatan Realtor Bus Tour!


Yesterday was a great day seeing some of my fellow realtors that was able to attend the monthly bus tour that our real estate association puts together. The properties we viewed starting point was from First Bight and ended in Pristine Bay Golf Course.

It’s always good to refresh our minds and visit these properties that’s currently on our MLS. The first home we viewed sits on over 1 acre of land, ocean views and it has its own apartment. The others were ocean view properties, and a beachfront lot located in Coco Road Community.

Not too many beachfront properties are left on the island. We have had a great year helping our clients find what they are looking for. The MLS inventory active listings are less now compared to previous years. The builders cannot keep up with the demand.

However, it’s nice to see many family homes being built, and people relocating to The Bay Islands. This is why the real estate bus tours helps us realtors find what our clients are looking for. It is a great networking tool.

Roatan offers so much to those living here. If you are a diver, there are many dive sites to discover. If you prefer to hike, then there are nice mountains on the far east side of Roatan that you can discover.

If you wish to go fishing for the day, hire a boat captain that can take you and your family out for the day to capture a Wahoo or Red Snappers. And if that’s not enough then try island hopping on the Utila Dream Ferry to Utila Island or Galaxy Wave that has now added Guanaja to its itinerary.

There is always something to do while living or visiting the island.

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