Roatan Salt Water Lagoon!


Last week while waiting for a surveyor on the north east side of Roatan, I began to walk around the surrounding properties and I came to a complete stop when I saw this salt water lagoon. They are rare to see on the island, but beauty in the eyes of the beholder is what steered me in the eyes.

So many different birds perched around enjoying Roatan’s sunny weather in January. Life is so quiet in this part of the island. Only the ocean waves to be heard from a distance and the birds enjoying what they do best and winds from a far. All captured in one moment as I stood there in aww seeing this.

So, if you wish to discover new places on the island don’t be afraid to explore Roatan. You never know what nice surprises lurk on the east side.

The Realtor who became the client! Building my home on Roatan!

This is just a short synopsis of my personal experience as a realtor; that I had a year ago, as I sat with my contractor to discuss the building plans. Every thought one can think of crossed my mind. I was now in the back seat. The client and not the realtor. A lot of...

Happy Labor Day weekend to my USA friends from Roatan!

Happy Labor Day weekend to my USA friends from Roatan! And happy weekend to others around the world Who is still keeping safe during these challenging times. Finally this week after almost 6 months of not heading to West Bay Beach. I took a leap of faith and  drove to...

Exploring Roatan in a water taxi!

Exploring Roatan in a water taxi! Many people travel to Roatan every year to explore the island, but many don’t really experience life on the east side of Roatan in a water taxi. The reason is because most guests tend to read about West Bay beach or West End, and...

Blue Sky’s Over Roatan!

What do you see when you look at this picture? It was the right moment as I was sitting waiting for my mom. I stepped outside and captured this picturesque moment during late summer. The calmness in the ocean, bright blue sky, a little clouds, the iron shore popping...
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