Purchasing real estate on Roatan!

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Purchasing real estate on Roatan!

As a Realtor having sixteen years of experience with our Local and National Real Estate Association here in Honduras. As well as being the Liaison between Honduras Real Estate Chamber and NAR. It’s always wise that clients look for those who are registered as an International Realtor with NAR in Honduras.

Our Local Association in The Bay Islands of the coast of Honduras, consist of sixteen brokerages and many Realtors that will guide you from the beginning to the end through listing a property or purchasing a property here on the Island of Roatan, Utila or Guanaja.

Clients seem to be drawn to these islands because of the native islanders speaking English, Spanish comes in as our second language to many of us which makes it easier for vacationers to feel comfortable.

We have direct flights from the USA, Canada to Roatan’s International Airport. I know right now things are challenging, but American Airlines is already flying into Roatan on Saturday’s. We are waiting for United Airlines and Delta to decide what dates they will fly into Roatan.

If you are searching for a property in the Caribbean, that isn’t a long flight from North America. Then consider The Bay Islands. Property taxes here are fairly lower than other Caribbean Islands. You can do comparisons between these Islands and other Caribbean Islands and see what the dollar amounts are comparing a condo Roatan to one in Grand Cayman Island.

Do consider Roatan or Utila to add on your bucket list of places to visit once things get back to somewhat normal in your life. It’s a nice getaway from all the stress we have all been facing this year. The salt water cures everything is my belief. Come join us soon!

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