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Realtors Life. You’re walking alone just before the sunrise. It’s so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. You’re still looking at the sun, as it rises over the mountains in slow motion. The calmness of the sea makes you feel the inner calm of your spirit. And as you look up you see the birds 🐦 flying over you. They too are looking for something. We’re all seeking something. It’s right in front of our eyes. Don’t miss your blessing. It is now!

▶️ The sunrise is a reminder that it’s a new day and you should not stop dreaming.

▶️ The calmness of the sea teaches us not to react to each circumstance.

▶️ The birds 🐦 flying over our head, is teaching us that we should be more confident in ourselves or believe we can accomplish what we set our minds to do. Dot it now!

Christmas on Roatan!

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Discovering The East Side of Roatan!

Discovering The East Side of Roatan! They say pictures speak for themselves. That’s very true as I go through thousands of photos, I have taken these last few months of properties I have visited and listed on Roatan, in the East Side of Roatan. When I look at this one...

The Rainbow over Roatan!

As I gaze at this picture I recall my spirit was overjoyed on that day. This was my view during the lockdown. And on this particular day the rainbow popped out of the blue sky. In my personal opinion it was a reminder that no matter the challenge, everything would be...

Keeping the balance with children during Covid-19 on Roatan

Covid-19 on Roatan: As parents and before Covid-19 our children had a normal life, like going to school and playing sports, etc., fast forward a few months later and some countries and big cities are still locked down and some parents I'm sure are finding it hard to...