Roatan Dive Experience During Covid-19

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After months of quarantine and keeping social distancing which we still practice on the island. I decided to take a leap of faith and took a dive refresher course and did two dives, a great Roatan dive experience.

I must say that Mother Nature has regained her power above and beneath the ocean. I have been diving since 2015 and I hadn’t seen as much fish 🐠🐟🦀 as I saw on my recent dives. Also for those that are not aware, Roatan is best known to the returning divers from all over the world because of its amazing coral reef.

The dive instructors at Key Divers Roatan were very careful wearing their mask and keeping their distance before we jumped into the Barrier Reef which is the second largest in the world 🌎 next to Australia’s.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to experience this. Hopefully after the country reopens to commercial flights, others can explore the dive sites we have on Roatan Bay Islands.

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