The End of the Year!

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It’s almost the end of the year and many of us are anxious to see it over. It has been a true awakening as I sit here staring at the ocean and thinking about what we have gone through.

The support some of the islanders and retired expats gave to those that needed food on their tables is what the true meaning of community and humanity is all about. With the cruise ship industry coming to a full stop due to the pandemic, it has affected many families on Roatan.

The little tourist that’s visiting the island is nice, but it’s not the same. It will take many years for the economy to be what it once used to be. However, at the end of the day we do have our health and each other. Roatan has taken a beating, but it has survived many wars, pandemics, hurricanes, etc. And now that I sat down and gaze at the ocean on this early morning, I realized how blessed we still are.

So I leave you with this thought, count your blessings, and enjoy time with family and friends. Life will continue and we will get through this.

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