The Realtor who became the client! Building my home on Roatan!

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This is just a short synopsis of my personal experience as a realtor; that I had a year ago, as I sat with my contractor to discuss the building plans. Every thought one can think of crossed my mind. I was now in the back seat. The client and not the realtor.

A lot of thoughts came into mind which happened just before I signed the contract with my builder. What if something goes wrong? What if my builder doesn’t do as he promised? What if I don’t like my house? These are just normal questions I feel that my clients have asked when they are ready to build their Caribbean Dream Home on Roatan Bay Islands However, my builder was a man of his word.

He assured me that if anything went wrong he would correct it. And yes, he completed his end of the bargain. Five months later he gave me the keys to my Ocean View Home! This is not always the story for every client, but this is my story and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Every transaction should be about integrity and trust. I can personally say I had a great experience. Always do your research first before you commit. That’s my advice.

Discovering The East Side of Roatan!

Discovering The East Side of Roatan! They say pictures speak for themselves. That’s very true as I go through thousands of photos, I have taken these last few months of properties I have visited and listed on Roatan, in the East Side of Roatan. When I look at this one...

The Sahara Dust Storm passing Over Roatan

Good morning World! 🌎 Early this week we had the Sahara Dust Storm 🌫️ pass over The Bay Islands 🏝️ You can see the difference in the pictures below which are a week apart. Just like the Dust Storm 🌫️passed by. The pandemic eventually will. We will learn to adapt and...

The Bluff, Camp Bay Community

Imagine yourself sitting besides this Coconut tree looking at the second largest barrier reef in the world? Yes that's correct. You heard me right. Roatan, Bay Islands it is! Miles and miles of turquoise water just out there waiting for you to dive into the bliss....

The Awakening!

The Awakening. We have all experienced an awakening in our lives and for those who haven't in the past, this is probably a rare occurrence for you right now. However, what we are going through will help us realize what's important and how to balance things within our...