Gilei’s Coffee Shop is the Cheers Bar of Roatan!


Gilei’s Coffee Shop

Have you ever watched the TV show called Cheers? I do remember watching it once a week. Everyone would gather at the restaurant/bar for drinks after a long day of work and chit chat about their day and the bartender would know them by name.

Well here in Roatan, we gather at Gilei’s Coffee Shop for breakfast and lunch. No alcohol, but laughter and customer service are what it’s all about. It is truly nice that when you walk into this coffee shop the girls remember your name, and even the way you want your coffee. Their laughter does bring joy to my soul when I leave.

The owners have done an excellent job by showing their employees what it is like to have great customer service. Gilei’s is located above the ACE Hardware Store. Centrally located which makes the location great.

So, when you are Roatan, and you desire to remember the small town you grew up in, then stop by Gilei’s in French Harbour. You won’t regret it. Coffee is great, the sweet treats are amazing and so is the menu.

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