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Picture of the Day! Palmetto Bay, Roatan

Picture of the Day! Palmetto Bay, Roatan

While out and about taking pictures for a new listing located in the gated community of Palmetto Bay Plantation, I decided to roam around the community, and came to this picturesque morning that I captured on my cell phone camera.

The Caribbean Sea was like oil calm. The sky’s bright and blue as the sun shined this morning over Roatan. The gift of being a Realtor on Roatan, is that I am able to visit different areas of the island in an hour or two. It reminds me how blessed we are to call Roatan home.

So many people are discovering this small little island nestled away in the Caribbean Sea. It is truly refreshing to just sit back and sightsee. Next time you are Roatan, visit Palmetto Bay Plantation and stop by and visit The Cove Restaurant, food and ambience are great.

Palmetto Bay, Roatan

If you want ask us about properties in the Palmetto Bay area please write us using the form in our page Contact.

Roatan Salt Water Lagoon!

Roatan Salt Water Lagoon!

Last week while waiting for a surveyor on the north east side of Roatan, I began to walk around the surrounding properties and I came to a complete stop when I saw this salt water lagoon. They are rare to see on the island, but beauty in the eyes of the beholder is what steered me in the eyes.

So many different birds perched around enjoying Roatan’s sunny weather in January. Life is so quiet in this part of the island. Only the ocean waves to be heard from a distance and the birds enjoying what they do best and winds from a far. All captured in one moment as I stood there in aww seeing this.

So, if you wish to discover new places on the island don’t be afraid to explore Roatan. You never know what nice surprises lurk on the east side.

Exploring Roatan in a water taxi!

Exploring Roatan in a water taxi!

Exploring Roatan in a water taxi!

Many people travel to Roatan every year to explore the island, but many don’t really experience life on the east side of Roatan in a water taxi. The reason is because most guests tend to read about West Bay beach or West End, and usually stay in an all-inclusive resort or maybe the visitors don’t have a rental car.

Nothing is wrong with that. However, if you really want to see the island and meet the people, then do consider renting a car or getting a tour guide to drive you to Oak Ridge to see the south east side of the island. There you will find many water taxis docked, and waiting for passengers to take them to the mangrove tour or just touring them around Oak Ridge, Fidler’s Bight and Calabash Bight.

The good thing about this area of Roatan, is that the water taxi doesn’t have to go outside the harbour. Everything is inside the harbour. Taking this tour allows you to stop by Trico’s Bar and Restaurant or Hole in the Wall which both are located in Jonesville, but it’s much easier to get there in a water taxi.

I met Samuel, the taxi captain in the photo a few weeks ago when I needed a water taxi to take me to a boat access only listing I had in Oak Ridge Cay. He’s from the area, and he loves to take people around his community and explain the areas to them. He is a great tour guide and full of knowledge. He was very helpful to me.

As an islander and realtor, I too enjoy getting to sightsee the east side and knowing the area better. So if you are staying here for a week or two, then add the mangrove tour to your to do list.

Gilei’s Coffee Shop is the Cheers Bar of Roatan!

Gilei’s Coffee Shop is the Cheers Bar of Roatan!

Gilei’s Coffee Shop

Have you ever watched the TV show called Cheers? I do remember watching it once a week. Everyone would gather at the restaurant/bar for drinks after a long day of work and chit chat about their day and the bartender would know them by name.

Well here in Roatan, we gather at Gilei’s Coffee Shop for breakfast and lunch. No alcohol, but laughter and customer service are what it’s all about. It is truly nice that when you walk into this coffee shop the girls remember your name, and even the way you want your coffee. Their laughter does bring joy to my soul when I leave.

The owners have done an excellent job by showing their employees what it is like to have great customer service. Gilei’s is located above the ACE Hardware Store. Centrally located which makes the location great.

So, when you are Roatan, and you desire to remember the small town you grew up in, then stop by Gilei’s in French Harbour. You won’t regret it. Coffee is great, the sweet treats are amazing and so is the menu.

Roatan Realtor Bus Tour!

Roatan Realtor Bus Tour!

Yesterday was a great day seeing some of my fellow realtors that was able to attend the monthly bus tour that our real estate association puts together. The properties we viewed starting point was from First Bight and ended in Pristine Bay Golf Course.

It’s always good to refresh our minds and visit these properties that’s currently on our MLS. The first home we viewed sits on over 1 acre of land, ocean views and it has its own apartment. The others were ocean view properties, and a beachfront lot located in Coco Road Community.

Not too many beachfront properties are left on the island. We have had a great year helping our clients find what they are looking for. The MLS inventory active listings are less now compared to previous years. The builders cannot keep up with the demand.

However, it’s nice to see many family homes being built, and people relocating to The Bay Islands. This is why the real estate bus tours helps us realtors find what our clients are looking for. It is a great networking tool.

Roatan offers so much to those living here. If you are a diver, there are many dive sites to discover. If you prefer to hike, then there are nice mountains on the far east side of Roatan that you can discover.

If you wish to go fishing for the day, hire a boat captain that can take you and your family out for the day to capture a Wahoo or Red Snappers. And if that’s not enough then try island hopping on the Utila Dream Ferry to Utila Island or Galaxy Wave that has now added Guanaja to its itinerary.

There is always something to do while living or visiting the island.

Birthday Girl and Class Reunion on Roatan!

Birthday Girl and Class Reunion on Roatan!

Recently one of my best friends turned 50. She’s the type of friend you want for life. Her spirit has always been like the sunrise. Full of energy.

I met her in college back in the 90’s and our friendship has grown even though we live in separate countries. So, this year, she planned a pre-birthday party and a class reunion with other college friends.

They visited Roatan in October and it was the best time I have had in a very long time. We laughed and talked about our past life and what we are doing now. I can say our aches are like of the elderly at times.

We are no longer spring chickens. However, it was perfect timing to visit the island, got to sightsee the east side, and enjoy the island food. We visited Punta Gorda, stopped at a local restaurant and had fish and other seafood dishes.

My friends enjoyed West Bay beach and West End shops. At the end of the day the pool was the best remedy. Laughing and enjoying the view is what most of them did, as I played photographer, embracing and capturing their laughter.

That’s what friendship is all about. Living, Laughing and Loving. Island Life and friend reunion.

Capture the Moment!

Capture the Moment!

Roatan, the west side offers so many options for locals and tourists. The island is filled with diversity. I guess it’s a blessing for us. Recently friends of mine were visiting and we got to spend time together.

It was nice that I was able to capture this moment as two of them were swimming in the pool. It was such a beautiful day as they gaze towards the Caribbean Sea.

I thought to myself, so this is what it feels like to take a day off? I’m grateful they were here and we got to spend quality time together. As an adult life has been hectic or say nonstop.

I know that we were not created to be running like an energizer bunny, but even on island I feel this way. However, Roatan can be a remarkable place for islanders and retirees or even those just visiting for a short time. Especially when we take time to breathe, like this particular day.

Most people go island hopping from one island to another embracing the nice calm ocean. Like the picture depicts. As for us living here, we still have a long road in improving our things here. We welcome you to consider Roatan on your next vacation away from home.

Maybe you will enjoy the simplicity of what we offer.

Discovering The East Side of Roatan!

Discovering The East Side of Roatan!

Discovering The East Side of Roatan!

They say pictures speak for themselves. That’s very true as I go through thousands of photos, I have taken these last few months of properties I have visited and listed on Roatan, in the East Side of Roatan.

When I look at this one in particular, it is so calming to the soul. Makes me want to drop everything and surround myself with the beauty of nature and the sea that is right in front of the blue chairs.

It can be a postcard photo, but do people actually still buy postcards? Not sure. Life has continued for most of us coping with the pandemic, but if you ever visited here or live here, it seems like 2020 was just a bad nightmare.

Children are playing and people are living one day at a time. Isn’t that all we ask for? To be with family and friends that make you happy, but those who challenge us makes us strong. That’s an experience island life gives us. We don’t have everything first hand, but we have learned throughout decades to survive.

This picture of the beach chairs, boat and dock remind me that at the end of the day, our spirit should be calm like the sea. Roatan, Bay islands is home for many of us and I hope it can be home for you as well.

Discover the east side of the island, the abundance of beauty it offers is very different from the west side of the island. The further east you go, the more you are reminded that the simplest things in life are what makes you happy.

Here you can read more about Roatan… And more about the East Side of Roatan island you can read it in this page of Tripadvisor

Roatan and the Deep Blue Sea!

Roatan and the Deep Blue Sea!

Most people that arrive on the island are looking to get away from the big cities. I don’t blame them. Most cities are overcrowded and not everyone is looking in that direction anymore. Yes, cities have its advantage, but most Caribbean Islands do too.

What attracts many to Roatan is how generous the islanders are, diving in the deep blue sea, island cuisine, the Garifuna culture and much more. I know that’s what sets us somewhat apart from the rest of the world. We are family oriented and even though we might disagree at times when it comes to helping our neighbor, we are there for them. I’m sure small towns outside of island life are similar. Some people refer to us as pirates. I guess it’s because we have learned to survive from little. That isn’t so bad after all.

If you are here or are planning a trip to Roatan, anytime soon. You should get outside your comfort zone and rent a vehicle and drive around the island. Explore the different neighborhoods and communities. Talk to the islanders and get to know them for who they are. You’ll see that we aren’t so bad after all. And don’t forget to explore diving in the deep blue sea just off our barrier reef. It’s mesmerizing when you interact with the under-water world. I know first-hand that’s when your body, soul and mind just shut off from everything. It’s you, your dive buddies and everything the ocean offers. Until next time!

Flying into Roatan!

Flying into Roatan!

There is a saying: there is no place like home. That’s the honest truth. I left the island for the holidays in December to join my son, friends, and family in Florida. Who I hadn’t seen in a year. I got off the island for a few weeks and I enjoyed spending quality time with those I got to visit. I had a few good laughs, ate and slept like Simbo, our family cat.

Travel experience was somewhat interesting during my exit and return. However, it went pretty well. Seeing Roatan Island through my window seat, gave me a little tingle in my stomach. It was home and back to reality. Landing was smooth and the island was as green as can be. My mom said to me that it rained a lot while I was away.

From the air I could see that the reefs had beautiful turquoise colors, like a water painting. Nature shines at its best. I know it has to do with the little tourism the island has had since the pandemic, but it’s good to know that Roatan has reopened for business and people are taking precautions. I was happy to see vacationers arriving on my flight. Hearing them talk about Roatan brought joy to my ears. You see no one knows how simple island living is until they set foot on Roatan, Utila or Guanaja.

The islanders and expats meet you, g and welcome you to the island. They are very open on giving tips on where to go and where to eat. This can happen during the line as you wait for the immigration officer to call you. This is home and always will be for many of us. It’s not a big island or a first world island, but that’s what sets us apart. Bring your family and come see us soon!