Keeping the balance with children during Covid-19 on Roatan

As parents and before Covid-19 our children had a normal life, like going to school and playing sports, etc., fast forward a few months later and some countries and big cities are still locked down and some parents I’m sure are finding it hard to find that balance for their children.

However, living on an island like Roatan my friends have found balance with their kids. I was invited a few weeks ago to accompany my friend and her #kids to the beach. The water wasn’t clear that one day they were swimming, but it didn’t matter to either of them. They felt free, alive as they were out of the house. Their smiles  says it all.

I hope every parent that’s facing this change in life with their children finds balance too. Making memories is what it’s all about and our children shouldn’t suffer the consequences of the horrible circumstances we are facing each day. Children are the future. We need to show them love, kindness and compassion.