The Bluff, Camp Bay Community

Imagine yourself sitting besides this Coconut tree looking at the second largest barrier reef in the world? Yes that’s correct. You heard me right. Roatan, Bay Islands it is! Miles and miles of turquoise water just out there waiting for you to dive into the bliss.

This is where dreamers allow their dreams to come true. So let’s talk about Camp Bay Community. It’s unpaved, but has all utilities in place and where a few islanders settled back in the day. It’s a place where a few expats have discovered the love of nature and complete quietness. The bluff in the picture is perfectly situated the way mother nature created her to be. Natural rocks just sitting in the sea. It’s perfect for anyone dreaming of setting up an east end dive shop that offers kite surfing for those vacationers who just want to be surrounded by nature.

Camp Bay community is a small knit community with islanders and expats willing to help one another out. The people here live a much simpler life than others on the other side of the island. The Bluff is 2.7 acres, it has over 200 feet of waterfront and a hilltop with views of both sides of Roatan. What are you waiting for?